Cause of Back Pain Part 1: Mechanical Back Pains

Low Back Pains | Pain in Upper Back | Pain in Middle of Back

Back Pains coming from the spine

As a chiropractor the most common condition I see are back pains, specifically Low Back Pains. But I also treat Pain in Middle of Back and Pain in Upper Back almost as often as I see Low Back Pains.

The majority of the time the cause of back pain is from “Mechanical Dysfunction.”

Mechanical dysfunction refers to an imbalance in the muscles along with joints that have restricted motion.

When a joint has restricted motion this causes a joint somewhere else in the body to move more than it is supposed to in order to compensate.

In the case of Low Back Pains this typically involves restricted movement in the lower part of the spine that causes a joint higher up to move more than it should and creating the pain.

Part of my philosophy is that you can not address the bones without addressing the muscles as well.

Imbalances in the muscles occur when you have one muscle group that is too tight and another muscle group that is too weak, this throws off function.

These muscle imbalances occur due to lifestyle and activities. If you sleep on one side all the time at night it can affect the muscles that stabilize the shoulders and the upper back.

By being right hand dominant it can cause the muscles on the right side of the spine to be much stronger when compared to the muscles on the left side of the spine.

Mechanical Causes of Low Back Pains

I see many patients with Low Back Pains caused by “Lower Cross Syndrome.” This is when the muscles that flex the hips and the low back muscles are too tight and the muscles gluteus muscles and the abdominal muscles aren’t strong enough.

Then some patients may have hamstrings that are too tight, or they are constantly activating their gluteus muscles by have them clenched all the time.

Mechanical Causes of Pain in Upper Back and Pain in Middle of Back

One of the most common reasons why I see Pain in Upper Back or Pain in Middle of Back is due to the pectoral muscles and the upper traps being too tight and the back muscles like the lower traps and rhomboids being too weak.

That causes the shoulders to be pulled forward and puts a strain on the mid back and upper back. This strain in the mid back causes a fixation of the vertebra and even causes the ribs to lock up.

The whole point is that “Dysfunction causes pain.” It is important to have these muscle imbalances and joint fixations evaluated and treated to restore balance to the body and keep the pain away.

Next week I’ll review the treatment of these mechanical back pains and give tips on exercises and stretches that will help.
Pain is only a symptom of the problem and it will take more than pain killers to fix the problem.

Come in and get evaluated to determine the dysfunction causing your back pains.

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