Foot Pains

Foot Pains | Pain in Foot

Foot Pains can be debilitating. We rely on our feet to get us too and from places and to allow us to participate in sports and other activities.

People can experience Foot Pains in their heel, their toes, the arch or on top of the foot. One of the most common causes of Foot Pains is Plantar Fascitis.

Foot Pains and Plantar Fascitis

The Plantar Fascia is made up of fibrous tissues that originate on the heel, extend along the sole of the foot and terminate under the toes. Plantar Fascitis is the inflammation of these tissues.

Plantar Fascitis can be treated conservatively with mobilization of any fixated joints in the foot, stretches for the sole of the foot, Rehabilitation Exercises and possibly the use of orthotics.

Other Types of Foot Pains

Other forms of Foot Pains are often treated the same way. The foot is comprised of many joints and can often get fixated which causes other joints in the foot to move more to make up for it.

Dr. Glasgow will evaluate your Foot Pains by watching how you walk and evaluating the joints in the foot to determine any dysfunction. She then will uses adjustments if needed, Rehabilitation Exercises and taping or orthotics.