Hand and Wrist Pains

Hand Pains | Wrist Pains | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Many people suffer from Hand and Wrist Pains from a chronic or repetitive injury.  The most common Hand and Wrist Pains that people are familiar with is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Hand and Wrist Pains and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is most commonly caused from repetitive stress.

This can be resolved by stretching the forearm muscles and using Rehabilitation Exercises to properly strengthen them. Often Chiropractic Treatments are beneficial as well due to fixation of the carpal joints.

In some instances surgery may be necessary to resolve pain symptoms, but it is recommended that conservative care is attempted first.

Other Types of Hand and Wrist Pains

Other forms of chronic Hand and Wrist Pains are usually from tendonitis of the different tendons that insert on the wrist or hands. These can also be relieved with Chiropractic Treatments and Rehabilitation Exercises.

Acute Hand and Wrist Pains are often caused by joint dislocations, tendon ruptures, or ligament tears. These require immediate care by a medical doctor.