Hip Pain

Treat Hip Pain With Chiropractic Care in Murray, Utah

Hip pain can be one of the worst (and most frustrating) pains. Unfortunately, it’s also a common pain amongst patients of all ages and backgrounds. With many hip pains, it’s difficult to find a comfortable position. Walking, standing, sitting, or lying down can all be equally uncomfortable positions.

If you’re fed up with painkillers and their side effects, and don’t want to undergo a dangerous (not to mention risky) surgery, then it might be time to start thinking about treating your hip pain with a chiropractor in Murray, Utah.

Dr. Kimberly Glasgow, a leader in Murray, Utah chiropractic care, has been helping children, athletes, and adults with hip pain for years. Dr. Glasgow has successfully helped patients with debilitating hip pain start living active, pain-free lifestyles. If you thought hip pain was inevitable, then Dr. Glasgow asks you to think again.

Many people with hip pain are experiencing pain in the SI (sacroiliac) joint. Patients with SI joint dysfunction may have pain that travels from their lower back, through the hips, and into the thigh. Other patients with hip pain may have arthritis, sciatica, tendonitis, or other conditions behind their pain.

No matter what is the cause behind your hip pain, Dr. Glasgow believes that her Murray, Utah chiropractic care can help bring it under control. Pain shouldn’t just be minimized; it should be completely eliminated! Come see Dr. Glasgow this week to start addressing your hip pain. Set up an appointment online or by calling (801) 312-8106. Get treatment that offers results.