Neck Pains

Neck Pains | Pinched Nerve in NeckNeck Pain in Salt Lake City, Utah? Get Chiropractic Treatment Today!

Neck pain in Salt Lake City, Utah has taken on a nearly endemic status. Our chiropractic office in Murray, Utah continues to receive more and more complaints about neck pain with each passing month. If you are suffering from intense neck pain in Salt Lake City, Utah, then we strongly urge you to set up an appointment with Dr. Kim Glasgow this week! Here are a few of the ways that Dr. Glasgow can help treat your neck pain in Salt Lake City, Utah:

  • Spinal Stenosis. Many neck pains are a result of spinal stenosis (narrowing). Nerves may be compressed or narrowed around the (neck), causing pain in the neck, spine, and other areas of the body. In some cases, this pain can be a minor annoyance, while other patients may find it totally debilitating.
  • Neck Alignment. When your neck is in proper alignment, you’ll find that the rest of your body starts to feel better, too. Misalignment can result from some form of impact trauma (such as an auto accident) or from some kind of habitual activity. Regardless of the cause, Dr. Glasgow will move your neck into alignment, thereby reducing and (eventually) eliminating the neck pain you are currently experiencing.

Ready to start getting results? If so, then give us a call at (801) 312-8106 or fill out one of our online forms to set up your first appointment with Dr. Glasgow this week. There’s no better chiropractor in Murray, Utah to help you overcome your neck pain!