Pain in Upper Back

Pain in Upper BackTreat Pain in Upper Back With Chiropractic Care in Murray, Utah

Pain in the upper back can be caused by many different factors, some of them congenital (from birth) such as scoliosis, and others environmental (work/habitual injuries, for example). No matter what the cause, Dr. Kim Glasgow, one of the top chiropractors in Murray, Utah, is prepared to help you overcome your pain.

While many professionals in the medical field can only reduce pain, Dr. Glasgow believes that reducing pain isn’t good enough. At her Murray, Utah chiropractic care office, Dr. Glasgow works hard to eliminate the root of your pain, which ensures that you live a completely pain-free lifestyle.

Here are a few ways that pain in the upper back can be treated through Dr. Glasgow’s Murray, Utah chiropractic care:

  • Misalignment is a leading cause behind most non-congenital pains in the upper back. You don’t have to be very active or lead a physically demanding life to become misaligned. As bodies age, misalignment becomes more prevalent. By bringing your spine back into alignment, Dr. Glasgow can restore your body to the shape it was meant to be.
  • Another common issue is spinal stenosis. When nerves become compressed around the spine, you may experience pain in the upper back as well as the rest of the body. Dr. Glasgow can massage these nerves until they are decompressed, putting an end to your upper back pain.

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