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Get relief from TMJ Dysfunction

Treat TMJ Dysfunction With Chiropractic Care in Murray, Utah

Did you know that there are 68 muscles surrounding your jaw hinge? These muscles work together in an intricate fashion to allow your mouth to open and close for eating, yawning, talking, and more. However, for roughly 35% of Americans, the temporal mandibular joint doesn’t function properly (TMJ dysfunction).

If you have been diagnosed with TMJ dysfunction, then you may have been persuaded to try surgery or some other harsh, invasive procedure. Dr. Kim Glasgow, a leading chiropractor in Murray, Utah, believes that surgery is (in most cases) too extreme an option for treating TMJ dysfunction. You might be interested to know that many cases of TMJ dysfunction can actually be treated through chiropractic methods!

Here are a few ways that Dr. Glasgow helps patients with TMJ dysfunction at her Murray, Utah chiropractic care facilities:

  • Once your spine and other joints are aligned, your TMJ dysfunction may “work itself out.” Many patients that experience TMJ dysfunction don’t have an actual problem with the temporal mandibular joint. Rather, they have a problem with their alignment that manifests itself in the TMJ.
  • Of course, there are plenty of patients that really do have TMJ dysfunction. For these patients, Dr. Glasgow can work the joint into its proper place, reduce friction, and eliminate pain.

To learn more about how Dr. Glasgow treats TMJ dysfunction, back, and neck pain in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, call us for more information: (801) 312-8106. We look forward to helping you feel like yourself again!